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    Words by: Eric J. Parker

    He is unique, gifted, talented, & to some he is known as - I call him the Renaissance Man... He is Baron. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with him and catch on some good times, highlights of his career thus far & what's ahead for this multi-award winning artist we know and love.

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    SR Magazine: Hey Baron, it's been a while since we last spoke. How's everything coming along?

    Everything is going great actually. Busy but good busy. You know how it is.

    SR Magazine: Now, it's no question that you are definitely a fan favorite here @ the SR Magazine. Your hit single "Party with B" was one of our featured songs of the month! How does that make you feel, when you hear how much you're loved & appreciated?

    Thank you so much man. Glad to have your support and all. Knowing that I have people like you in my corner keeps me doing what I do. As an artist I never know if what I do will translate, so knowing that I have folks with me is great and I take none of it for granted. So as much as I am appreciated, I appreciate you.

    SR Magazine: You are what I like to consider a true artist -- Staying true to your fans & your music without getting caught up in this cut throat industry. Would you say that you consider yourself a rebel? To be going against the traditional artistry approach?

    I’d like to say that I’m bold as hell. (laughs) We all know how the industry is always looking for the next “this” or “that”. When creating my music I stayed true to who I am. I know what a hip-hop album sounds like. I know what a rock/electronic album sounds like. But none of it sounded like me. So I was like, let me do my music. Let me be honest and see how that works. I think it made for a much more interesting journey and product.

    I wouldn’t call my self a rebel though, because I think we’re at a place in music where there are a lot of artists showing their own styles. I’d like to say that I am apart of that movement.

    SR Magazine: How do you get your start into the industry? I understand that you were a spoken word artist prior becoming "baron" the artist, how did that come about?

    Yeah, I started out performing as a spokenword artist in Newark, NJ. Then eventually moved to Brooklyn and performed a lot at the Nuyorican Poets CafĂ©. That place is electric. I think being a poet was the best training I’ve ever had as a performer. I learned how to connect with audiences. It showed me how powerful words are and that people really get you when you allow yourself to get connected. I think sometimes with music there are distractions but with spokenword behind me I’ve learned how to navigate both.

    SR Magazine: So you had a huge career highlight at the end of 2008, where you won for Best Alternative Artist at the Velocity Magazine Awards in D.C following the release of you sophomore album entitled “Celebrity” -- Which is phenomenal by the way! How did that feel? What is a surreal moment for you being up on that stage?

    The entire Velocity Magazine Award experience is one I would never forget. First, I was just happy to be performing and the venue looked amazing. But when he called my name, it felt Crazy! I was like, “are you serious” and then I instantly started to get anxiety. Like now I really have to work this song out. It felt great and I’m wishing for many more awards. (laughs)

    SR Magazine: Where did you get the idea to come up with the concept of the album, because it definitely speaks to you from beginning to end. Is this more of a personal album?

    Yes! I settled on the title “Celebrity” before I collected the songs, though. I had to trick myself because on the first album I went through so many names before I picked “Troubled Man”. “Celebrity” initially was chosen because I wanted to reach more people and I knew I was shedding spokenword and focusing more on lyrics. But as the project started forming and the songs developed, I realized how accessible “I” became on the project. I talk about relationships, overcoming obstacles, forgiveness, sexuality; things I’ve never talked about before especially when it related to my own life.

    SR Magazine: Who are some of your greatest inspirations musically?

    This is such a hard question, so I’ll give you the short list. I’m inspired by Santigold, Blondie, Goldfrapp, Kanye West, Mobb Deep, Madonna, Sir Ben Marx, Queen GodIs, Prince, Janet, Erykah Badu, Britney Spears, Garbage, Aretha Franklyn, Notorious B.I.G. It’s a crazy list, I’ll stop there.

    SR Magazine: So you just finished filming your new video for your current single "Party with B" can you give us any spoilers of the video?

    (Laughs) I can’t give you any spoilers except it’s going to be certified. We’ve put a lot into it and it’s pure creativity. I get a lot of questions, about why “Party with b.” was chosen instead of “Feel Like Fashion”. And trust me, I thought long and hard about what song I wanted to make the first video and even up until the day of the shoot I had my doubts. But I’ve always been one to follow my gut, and when I walked on set and saw the set-up, the cameras, and the people, I realized I made the right choice. If you haven’t already, check out the Party with b. (electrochris remix) FREE download on my myspace (

    SR Magazine: Rumor has it that there is a new tour in the works? Please fill us in!

    Correct! It will be a mini-tour this summer to support “Celebrity” hopefully to get buzz so that I can take the show overseas. My fingers are crossed. Dates and location will be posted on

    SR Magazine: Great, well I can't wait to get front row seats and watch you blow everyone away with you talent! I wanna finish off by asking how do you feel about the representation of the LBGT Community? -- Being that you have been actively at the gay functions. Do you feel that it's going in the right direction & what advice can you give the young aspiring artists of today?

    Wow this is loaded but I’m a try and do my best. As far as the LGBT community, I feel that we are in a renaissance. It is a crucial time politically, socially, musically. Organizations like Out Music is a shear example. I believe that being in a society where my 13 year-old cousin can support me publicly, shows a change in culture. A new thinking approaches, but it’s always the older generation holding on to old beliefs that keeps the tension going. I pray for the day when there is no need for the letters LBGT and we all just be who we are.

    My advice to younger performers is to be true to your art, experiment, and perfect. I always say that if you are going to do something, “Do it like you are the first black person in an all white school”. With those odds, you really can’t afford to be lazy.

    SR Magazine: It's was great talking with you! Congratulations on everything and much continued success!

    It was great talking with you too. Thank you so much man for checking me out! - EJP.


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